Skin Lightening: What’s The Best Way?

Sep 22 , 2020

Skin Lightening: What’s The Best Way?

Whether it’s your hair color or a new facial, there are many different ways to refresh your look. For some, this includes skin lightening. There are many different reasons why someone would seek to brighten their skin. One could be to improve the look of blemishes or birthmarks on the skin. Additionally, those seeking to correct an uneven pigmentation might turn to skin lightening to correct the issue. Whatever the reason, skin lightening is quickly growing in popularity as a cosmetic procedure. However, to understand if it is really possible to lighten the skin, it is important to understand how the process works.

How Skin Lightening Works 

There are many different options to lighten the skin, however, some may offer different results. When it comes to your skin, it’s important to choose the most sustainable and natural option available in order to prevent skin damage or adverse effects. Some typical ways to lighten the skin can include:

Skin Bleaching Creams

Hydroquinone and corticosteroids, like hydrocortisone, are two options for skin lightening. Typically, these creams are available as a prescription from a doctor and are a topical application to the skin. Specifically for these types of creams, a number of adverse side effects can occur that are important to consider before beginning application. These include skin darkening or lightening too much, skin thinning, scarring, or a more serious condition like kidney, liver, or nerve damage. Skin bleaching creams are also available as a non-prescription. However, it is important to understand the ingredients and medicines used before applying them to the skin.

Laser Skin Lightening

Laser skin lightening is often used as a way to remove blemishes or dark pigmentation on the skin. Typically, it involves either removing the top layer of the skin or directly harming the cells responsible for the production of melanin. When considering laser skin lightening, it is important to note that it is not always successful for everyone. Additionally, this procedure often results in a recovery period of one to two weeks.

Skin Lightening Supplements

Another way to brighten your skin tone is through an oral supplement like glutathione. Glutathione is a master antioxidant that provides a number of benefits, including skin lightening. Glutathione works to slow the body’s production of melanin and while lightening and evening your skin tone, reverting your skin to its natural tone before sun damage. In addition, glutathione promotes antiaging in the skin by correcting wrinkles, correcting uneven pigmentation, and tightening loose skin. In addition to its cosmetic applications, glutathione is also beneficial to your health. It is a powerful antioxidant that targets free radicals in the body to promote detoxification and fortify the immune system. Despite its benefits, not all glutathione supplements are created equal.

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